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Toucchi system is carefully designed by the team to provide versatile solutions for different office requirement. The evolve of modern office space requires organizations to seek more flexible, adaptable workspace solutions that accommodate mobile workers. Toucchi provides more than 8 different desk modular to enable the enterprise to maximize space and to improve the work efficiency.

You could have removable side screen which could be added on and taken off any time. The small accessories on the screen like pencil tray, file holder, earphone holder etc. add more interest to the whole system.The storage unit is also available if people require more space for file storage.

The top board is from FSC certified factory, with Schattdecor paper imported from Germany which is more durable in use and more natural in wood pattern. We also offer different treatment for the edge. Many people are now selecting knife edge for the top to add more elegance to the whole product.

While considering the beauty of the product, we also care about the cable management for the whole system. Aluminium flip-up and cable tray are both included for the whole system.
未标题3_02.jpgwholesale bulk conference chair supplier,manufacturers,factory


As an essential item in the office, conference chairs are equipped in many meeting places. The styles of conference chairs are also quite diverse, so how should we choose conference chairs? This article will mainly introduce conference chairs and some tips for choosing them.


What is the Conference Chair


Conference chair refers to the chair used to meet guests in the company's office, that is, it is used to receive guests or conduct conference activities. The shape of the conference chair is positive, serious, and simple in design. Because the function of the conference chair is determined by its appearance and practicality.


Meeting chair is a tool for service and work in corporate offices. The conference chair is different from other office chairs in the office. The office chair in the office is flexible and easy to move. The conference chairs are often related to the company's major events. For example, during business negotiations or decision-making meetings within the company, it is a place that represents the image of the company, so the conference chair is very important in our daily life.


Different Types of the Conference Chair


Conference chairs are also divided into many categories: solid wood, bent wood, steel wood and plastic.


  • Solid wood conference chair


The solid wood conference chair is a chair made of solid wood. Its cost is relatively high, and its style is generally Chinese, with a certain taste.


  • Bentwood Conference Chair


Bentwood conference chair refers to a chair made of curved solid wood processed by a special process. It is also a product made of solid wood veneer as the main raw material. The material of curved wood conference chair is composite board, which is more expensive The price of solid wood is also slightly lower, but the better-made curved wood conference chair can also be compared with the solid wood conference chair.


  • Steel-wood conference chair


The steel-wood conference chair is a chair made of steel pipe and steel-wood. The simple combination of steel-wood and simple colors express the love of steel-wood furniture for simple style. And steel and wood conference chairs are mostly used in school desks and chairs. At present, this kind of conference chair is also popular in the market.


  • Plastic conference chair

The weight of the plastic conference chair is relatively light, easy to move and affordable, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break.


Some Tips for Choosing Meeting Chairs


First of all, the conference chair is used in the company's office meeting room. It does not need to be flexible, but focuses on the reasonable application of space and reasonably accommodates more people. The second is the choice of comfort. The cushion is a very important part. Generally speaking, the cushion is best to be shaped sponge, so as to maintain elasticity and not easy to deform.


At the same time, the choice of chair back is very important to health. The surface of the chair back must have a certain degree of elasticity, and the material must be breathable, dirt-resistant, and wear-resistant.


Finally, the style of the conference chair is also very important for the conference room. It is necessary to consider the style of the conference room and to match the existing conference table. Choosing a comfortable conference chair is very important. When choosing, you can sit down and feel it. A suitable conference chair can relieve the pressure on your buttocks when desking for a long time, relax your body and mind, and improve work efficiency.


In short,meeting chairs are different from ordinary chairs, so we must consider comprehensively when choosing. If you are looking for a conference chair exporter, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products. 


We are the wholesale bulk conference chair supplier, manufacturers, factory.

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