Colan is established to be a Chinese design brand for furniture which brings beautiful and quality products to people all over the world. We believe beauty is productivity. As a design led furniture company, we work with designers home and abroad. From the day established,  we also spend a lot of time on quality and cost control, to ensure our clients get the most beautiful products with good quality but at a more accessible price.



Design Led​

Beauty is producticity. With this concept, it is worth to remake all the industrial products in an artistic way.

Colan work with designers home and abroad who deliver intelligent, thoughtful and unconventional ideas that bring clients fresh ideas and the best possible products and solutions.


Beauty look, Good cost

A beauty piece, if it's too expensive, would be a pity that might fail to reach the people who love it. We always balance the product design and cost to ensure the price is accessible for most of the people who love Colan brand.

Premium build quality

A great design is meaningless if the final product doesn't meet the neccessary quality standard. At Colan, we honor all of our designs with the highest quality standard. Our products are BIFMA/UL/EMC/CUS certified, that we have enough confidence to deliver them all over the world.

Trust is the most important element throughout our whole business. Colan cherishes each client who works with us and trusts us. The Colan team would always follow our value to bring good design and quality products to people all over the world.