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The original shape of the sofa is inspired by the open box. In order to increase the comfort of the sofa, the back and seat are made into a "puff up" effect, making the product more interesting. It’s just like an open gift box, people who sit in it are precious gifts.  Put aside these additional meanings, puff sofa is also a practical product with wide application in different space.

Single W1030*D810*H715

Double seat W1630*D810*H715

Three persons W2230*D810*H715


3 seater sofa


Purchase knowledge


Rule 1  Comfort


When you are busy outside, you should enjoy it at home. Every joint of your body needs to find a place to relax. At this time, it is most suitable to sit on a soft and comfortable sofa. The size of each part of the sofa shall meet the requirements of ergonomics, and the curved surface suitable for the physiological structure of the human body is better. If the living room area is small, the sofa bed with sitting and lying function is a good choice.


The height of sofa seat surface shall be equal to the height of human calf plus heel or slightly lower, which is about 35-42 cm. If the seating surface is too high, the legs will be suspended, the weight of the human trunk will be pressed on the legs, and the back muscles will be tense. Over time, the muscles of the legs and back will feel unbearable pain; If it is too low, the back muscles cannot be in a natural state, and the stress surface of the thigh will be reduced.


When the body is sitting on the sofa to the greatest extent, it is appropriate that the knee joint is still outside the sofa surface. If the sofa is too deep, the back can not be completely attached to the sofa back when sitting down, resulting in the lack of effective support for the waist, and the lumbar muscles have been in a tense contraction state to maintain the sitting posture. A long time will lead to lumbar muscle strain.


The height of the rear backrest should reach between the shoulders and ears when sitting down. It is about 68-72 cm from the ground to the top of the backrest. Many people like to use high back sofa, which is not scientific. Because when a person's shoulder rests on a high backrest, the waist, back and backrest should be separated for a certain distance, and the contact surface between the body and the sofa is less. After sitting for a long time, fatigue will occur because there is no place to rely on the waist and back. In this regard, the low back sofa has obvious advantages. This is because people sit on the sofa, almost all of their backs rely on it, the contact area is large, the body feels comfortable, and the sitting posture is also beautiful and elegant. The inclination of the rear backrest should be between 100-108 degrees. The height of handrails on both sides is between 62-65 cm.


Rule 2  Matching degree


If a good sofa is not properly placed, it will "spoil the scenery" no matter how beautiful it is. Only by choosing it in combination with the actual situation of the living room can we fully display the beauty of the sofa and make the sofa "for my use" to the greatest extent. The position of sofa should be considered according to the different function and area of living room. Small rooms should use small solid wood sofa or small cloth sofa to make the remaining space of the room larger; It is more convenient and comfortable to put a larger sofa in the big living room and equipped with a tea table. If you wait to buy back the sofa and then consider how to place it, it is often too late.


  1. The one-line layout is very common. The sofa is arranged in a one-line shape along one wall, and the tea table is placed in front, which is more practical for families with smaller living rooms. The purpose of this arrangement is to save space and increase the range of activities. It is suitable for families with small area, many members and paying attention to the game activity space.


  1. It's not common to put two sofas facing each other, but in fact, it's a good way to put them, especially in the living room of more and more people who don't like watching TV. The relative placement is suitable for the spatial layout with conversation as the main function, with a strong sense of location and hierarchy. And the living room with different size can be adapted by changing the size of the sofa.


  1. L-shape is a common display form of living room furniture. 3 seatersofa and double sofa form an "L" shape, or 3 seater sofa and two single sofas. The combination of 3 + 1 + 1 can be said to be the most common sofa placement combination of medium house type. The utility model has the advantages of comfortable use and simple combination. When choosing this combination, the styles of three person sofa and single person sofa can be coordinated or completely different.


  1. The corner type places the sofa along the corner of the wall to form an open communication space for mutual communication, which is more suitable for the square living room. It is suggested to buy another movable sofa to enrich the communication space in the living room and enhance functionality.


Rule 3  Beauty


Sofa, which occupies a large area of the living room, often plays an important role in the performance of the whole bedroom style. Therefore, before purchasing sofas, we should comprehensively consider the overall style of the living room.




3 seater sofa


Maintenance method


Maintenance of 3 seater cloth sofa


  • If your sofa is removable and washable, you should clean it according to the requirements on the sofa certificate. You'd better use a cleaning agent without bleach or oxidant, otherwise the color of the cloth will be affected. After washing, it should be thoroughly permeable, and finally dry horizontally, and avoid direct exposure to the sun.


  • If your sofa is a cloth sofa that cannot be removed and washed, the enterprise recommends that you take measures to remove the stains immediately. It can be cleaned with professional detergent.


  • Avoid the sofa directly exposed to the sun, because ultraviolet light will make the fabric lose elasticity, become fragile and fade.


  • Avoid often sitting in the same position of the sofa, and occasionally change the position or change the position of the seat cushion, which may maintain the balanced life of the sofa.


Maintenance of 3 seater leather sofa


  • Once a week, dry it with a clean towel dipped with a little water, and repeat it several times.


  • The leather sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and should not be wiped or washed with water to avoid moisture, mildew and moth. Do not expose to the sun, otherwise it will cause oxidation of cortical fibers.


  • If there is dirt on the leather, wipe it with clean sponge wet detergent and let it dry naturally.


  • Light colored leather sofa can be cleaned with toothpaste and gently brushed back and forth with a toothbrush. In addition, it can also be wiped with professional leather care agent.


  • When placing synthetic leather furniture, do not lean close to smooth and hard objects, and leave a certain distance to prevent puncture in case of collision and friction.


  • For movable cushions and bags, the liner should be removed every six months and dried for several hours.



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