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Super Stretching: Crafted from durable and high fabric, feature soft, rich, comfortable and wrinkle free. These form fit couch covers are meticulously engineered to fit a wide range of couch shapes and styles
Form Fit: Colan sofa covers are stylished with 1 Piece structure. (the whole body and sitting cushion area fitted together). Always measure your furniture before ordering! Large sofa cover fit the sofas 220*825*700
Function-over-Fashion: Our slipcovers making transforming your living room easier than ever! They not only protect your furniture, but it can also transform an old, worn out couch into the stunning centerpiece of your room
Effortless Install: Refer to the guildance on selling photos on line, or read the installment steps on brand card inside the package. Easy to put on and use the free charge form sticks to insert the space between armrest and seat cushions
Easy Care: Machine washable in cold water. Wash separately at gentle cycle. Using mild laundry detergent. Do not bleach. 
Product Description
Pudding is characterized by the smooth curve of the sofa, which seamlessly combines a strong character with a simple, organic expression. The soft shapes of the upholstery are deliciously inviting and, also constitute a marked contrast to the sofa’s exterior of more simple and geometrical forms.
With an angular front view and defining details, the sofa appears compact and economical with space, yet light and spacious and offers generous seating.The different configurations and strong structural language make the sofa a natural choice for defining space and creating intimacy in large and small areas in private and public contexts. 
Product Feature
This super stretchable jacquard fabric makes the sofa slipcover more compliant with your sofa.
All-inclusive design is designed to protect your sofa in all directions. Avoid the costly investment of new furniture.
Soft and comfortable fabric protect your sofa from daily wear and stains.
To get better fitting effect and staying in place, we provide enough anti-slip foams for fixing.
Maintenance Tips
Avoid sunlight - if the living room is often exposed to sunlight on the sofa, we can change the position of several sofas to prevent the color difference from being obvious; if it is in a place with high humidity, we can use the weak sunlight from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning Come to irradiate for 7 days, 1 hour a day, about once every 3 months.
Avoid oil stains and ink - if you find stains on the sofa, you should use a leather cleaner to clean it immediately. If there is no leather cleaner, you can also use a clean white towel dampened with a little alcohol to gently wipe the stain, then use a dry damp towel Wipe dry, wait until it is completely dry, and then use a special protective agent for leather goods.
Daily Care - The daily care of the sofa can only be wiped with a wrung wet towel. After two to three months, use a leather cleaning agent to clean the sofa, or use a household vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the sofa surface. In order to prolong the service life, it is also necessary to avoid children jumping and playing on the sofa, and sweat should not be in direct contact with the sofa, because sweat will also affect the sofa material.



Colan is established to be a Chinese design brand for furniture which brings beautiful and quality products to people all over the world. We believe beauty is productivity. As a design led furniture company, we work with designers home and abroad. From the day established, we also spend a lot of time on quality and cost control, to ensure our clients get the most beautiful products with good quality but at a more accessible price.


As the leader for standing desk in Chinese market, all the products are fabricated with tech equipment and experienced workers, to ensure that our clients always receive well-refined and lovingly-made products.




By exporting our standing desk to 25 countries, our desk has been tested and certified to meet the high standards set out by BIFMA/UL/EMC/CUS/GECA






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