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Panamone features itself with the rounded angle of desk top and end panel. The elegantly curved tabletop, seemingly formed as one whole piece by resting itself on a sideboard. The premium surface made of selected wood veneer finish provide an elegant look. The sideboard and back board are lacquered matte surface which forms an impressive contrast with the top. The cable management is also considered in the design.



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In recent years, more and more companies or office buildings have chosen open-plan office design. Why are open workstation so popular? You will know after reading these 6 reasons.


Open offices have many benefits for employers and employees, so they are common throughout the work world. The design of the office workstation has a huge impact on the well-being and productivity of employees, so it is very important to make the design of the open office just right to maximize this.


Facilitate communication and collaboration


The open workstation improves the lonely and dull office environment of the closed office, and creates a vibrant office space for employees, so that work is no longer boring and bland. At the same time, it is also conducive to communication and collaboration between employees, mutual learning, mutual supervision, and improving work efficiency.


Improve space utilization


The open office can make rational use of every inch of space, and divide the functional area according to department planning, so that the entire office area is designed in an orderly manner. The open workstation reduces the area occupied by partition walls and passages, and greatly improves the space utilization. In addition, employees can also share office equipment to increase the utilization rate of office resources.


Broad vision


An open workstation can improve indoor lighting, increase the permeability of the space, make the entire space have a wider view, and create a spacious and bright office environment for employees.


Flexible layout


The space layout of the open office is flexible and changeable, which is convenient for later department adjustment and work station arrangement. Offices and conference rooms are usually transparent partitions made of tempered glass, which are continuously separated from the office area and integrated into a whole.


Decoration cost is low


The open office has no wall partitions, which reduces the capital investment for walls, furniture and other related decorations, which can greatly reduce the cost of decoration.


In addition to the above six reasons, the decoration effect of the open workstation is neat and simple, beautiful and generous, suitable for all kinds of decoration styles. Having said that, would you choose an open workstation?




To quote Steve Jobs, "Thoughts do not happen in the conference room, but in the corridor." An open workstation that promotes spontaneity is a feature of an efficient workplace. In a workplace with no barriers, collaboration is more natural.


The open workstation fosters team spirit and creates a social space instead of a closed personal space. It's common to share ideas frequently, because people just talk in the room and don't have to organize formal meetings. When a team is working together, it's best to have everyone in the same room to do their work as efficiently as possible.


If you want to find open workstation manufacturers, welcome to contact us, we are ready to serve you all the time.




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