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Warranty: Many years. The modern design of dining chairs offers a elegance to your home. Crafted of durable rectangular wood table and surrounded by comfortable wood chairs with sponge cushion.
Backrest is designed based on ergonomic standard and human body features. Padded with solid wood, the chair seat makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting on it. Our modern dining table & chairs perfectly combine good looking and exquisite workmanship.
Protection Design: We only use carefully selected high quality woods to provide stable and durable tables&chairs. Each leg of these dining chairs is equipped with protective footpads to avoid damaging, scratching and moving accidentally.
The modern dining table & chairs require some simple assembly. It is easy to put them together under the detailed instructions. For your convenience, all of the accessories and a screwdriver are included in the package. If you have any problems and questions, we are always here. Please feel free to contact us.
Product Description
Miller chair is a success in mixing different type of materials-wood, fabric and metal.  It recalls the idea of a classic gracefulness molded by time and history. Oak/walnut veneered plywood armchair with shaped backrest, that allows to give full support to your back. The seat with soft upholstery offers comfort when you sit on it.
Cleaning Tips
Placement matters
First things first, where your chair sits in the room matters. What we’re trying to balance here is neither too much heat nor too much humidity. So don’t position a wooden dining chair where it would be in hours of direct sunlight or over a radiator.
Both temperature swings and humidity can cause warping or splitting, so be strategic about the placement of your table and chairs, and consider the inclusion of a humidifier or air conditioner in the room, if you can.
Clean after use, and dust weekly
The next important thing is to clean the chair after every use with soft cloths to capture any spilled food or drink. A microfibre cloth is best, but any lint-free cloth (and old T-shirt even!) would be a good choice - just dampen slightly and wipe immediately after meals or spillage to prevent stains from setting.
If you have grease spots to deal with, a highly diluted solution of dish-washing liquid and water can be used. It’s also important to dust frequently. While dust can seem harmless, it can build up, and scratch and damage a chair ’s finish, so it’s best to get ahead of it.
Protect and restore wood lustre with wax or oil
Once your wooden furniture is cleaned and dry, it’s all about restoring and protecting the natural lustre and look of your chairs. Use a cheesecloth (or your trusty microfibre cloth) and apply a semi-solid or carnauba wax, by buffing it in with firm, circular motions for a lovely, gentle shine.
If you don’t have wax, or lack the time to make a run to the hardware store, all you need is in your kitchen! Simply mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and use that for an easy, homemade polish.



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