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    Fabric upholstered, powder coated steel leg with belt decoration
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未标题3_02.jpgH series reflects our understanding of product systematization in the development of a new product. Office space doesn’t need to have too many kinds of products, just as H series, simple and neat, which can be used as the most straightforward expression in the space. The connection between armrest and back is realized by belt enclosure, which improves the quality of product details. H coffee table is designed with the same metal form as H sofa but adding marble and terrazzo elements which enrich the product in the whole series. H series is the basic but not ordinary style, easy to fit in any space but classic in design.

Size(L):W1000*D1000*H330   Size(S):W525*D500*H450(Φ500)



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Nowadays, traditional sofas give people a dull and outdated feeling. More and more young people are considering modular sofas when decorating. Compared with traditional sofas, modular sofas give people a stylish and warm feeling. Let us understand it together!


What is a modular sofa?


Modular sofa is a combination of couch and puzzle. You can arrange or configure it according to your preferences. You can adjust the position of each part of the modular sofa at will, until it is placed exactly according to your requirements, even if the final result looks like an ordinary daily sofa.


You might think that modular sofas sound a lot like sectional. You are correct and incorrect. Modular sofas and sectionals have multi-piece sofas that you can arrange, but their configurations are different. Sectionals are almost always a combination of sofas and recliners. The modular sofa is composed of any number of any type of parts. There are traditional sofa pieces, ottomans and corner pieces. Compared with ordinary modular sofas, modular sofas will provide you with more freedom.


Why choose a modular sofa instead of a traditional sofa?


Traditional sofas always have a rectangular footprint. If you want more seats, you need to buy more sofas. You are locked in a design that you cannot modify. Changing your arrangement always costs more.


The modular sofa allows you to fully control your lounge area. Modular sofas are ideal for slightly unusual entertainment areas such as home theaters or gaming lounges. You can accommodate more people on a piece of furniture, which can technically save space. There is no need to lean a pile of recliners or several sofas together, you will enjoy the seamless fit of each modular sofa.


Modular sofas have advantages that most traditional sofas cannot provide. They can be customized for lazy people to hang out, take a nap and snuggle. Modular sofas have a lot of space for sofa pillows and blankets. They are an excellent place for temporary overnight companies. Does your best friend drink too much to drive? It's ok. She will sleep well on your modular sofa and go home after brunch.


When people are not so excited about getting along with each other, your modular sofa can also work well. If you invite family and friends over, but not everyone is very familiar with them, they may feel uncomfortable because of being crowded together. If you are really close to your best friends or parents, sharing a two-seater sofa will not make people uncomfortable. If the person next to you is completely strange to you, you may avoid physical contact.


Since modular sofas are usually more spacious, everyone can keep their space free from intrusion. Your guests are unlikely to feel uncomfortable, and you will not let friends or siblings sit on the floor or in a completely separate room.


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