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Clay is versatile. This series is designed with officer chair, dining chair, bar chair and lounge to meet the requirement for different space, which is also very easy to blend in. To improve the comfort of this series, we have tested the comfort of the seat for many times to get the best sitting experience. We think that a good product should enrich the space, so we set up a variety of colors to meet the multidimensional need in vision and touch.

Size:Office chair W580*D535*H770 Seat Height H450 ,Seat Depth D450

Dining chair W580*D535*H755 Seat Height H450 ,Seat Depth D450

Bar chair W425*D420*H910 Seat Height H700 ,Seat Depth D330

Lounge chair Lounge W580*D575*H650 Seat Height H350 ,Seat Depth D455


oem lounge chair exporter,for sale


A lounge chair refers to the chair we use for leisure time in our daily life. This chair is not as formal as dining chair and office chair, it has some personality characteristics, can bring people both visual and physical comfort.


A lounge chair brings infinite comfortable, fashionable household life to our life to enjoy. In life, leisure chair can be seen everywhere, such as family, public places, etc., it is integrated into our life, is an indispensable part. So how to choose a suitable lounge chair?


The height of a lounge chair


The height of a lounge chair will related with the leg length of the users. Besides the high chair applied in pub, the seat surface height of the general chair won't be too exaggerated. But if there are small or young children in the home, take that into consideration. Lounge chair manufacturers in the production of leisure chair, will consider the person's height and leg length factors, in addition to specific leisure chair, such as bar chair, general leisure chair are in line with the needs of normal people.


The height of the armrest of a lounge chair


If someone has the habit to hang both hands down the person that puts, might as well choose the chair with lower armrest or without armrest. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the armchair with higher arms and deeper seat surface is probably the best choice.


The depth of the lounge chair

Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, the sitting position is very straight, more people like to sit in front of the chair "shallow" position. If you are at home, you may sit deeper when you are relaxed, as if you are sinking into a chair. When recreational chair of choose and buy, can sit to see first, try the depth feeling of whole body when taking a seat, can know whether it give attention to both public and private needs. Some leisure chairs have a variety of functions, can be used as office, can also be used for leisure; And some recreational chair is recreational only use, recreational deck chair for instance, use to rest namely. When buying leisure chairs, decide according to your needs.


The stability of the lounge chair

It is important to inspect the detail parts of chair structure especially the joint parts such as tenon and screw. However, no matter how carefully we have inspected in the initial time, we can’t ensure these chair works well after a time. So we must to try to sit on it by ourselves to experience the stability of leisure chair. What’s more, we must check that whether the chair you want to buy comes with a guarantee certification or not.

If you are looking for a lounge chair, please spend a few minutes to our website and we are looking forward to be your first choice.












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