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    1.Mesh back, fabric seat 2.Soft PU armrest with 3 D.O.F. (Degree Of Freedom) Adjustment 3.Imported Donati mechanism which features Auto-Weights sensing Tilt Tension that automatically adjusts backrest pressure according to user’s weight. 4.Ajustable lumbar support 5.Height adjustable 6.Nylon leg with castors
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To search “ computer chair ” on eBay, you will acquire a tons of results which may make you dazzled. Therefore you need some tips on how to choose a right computer chair before starting your online shopping.


However, before going in depth about the things to consider before buying a computer chair and its characteristic, I want to emphasize the importance of an ideal sitting posture in a computer chair.


Our thighs should be in a horizontal position to the floor, and at the same time our feet should be planted on the ground and arms be leveled with the desk.


Furthermore, there should be no strain in the back and you should be able to sit for a substantial amount of time without being uncomfortable.


A good chair should address all of this.


For those looking forward to buying a computer chair, here is a list of ten things to consider before buying a computer chair:


  • Adjustable Seat Height

This is the most important thing to consider before buying a computer chair. Because you might not be the only user of your computer; other people who use the chair may differ from you in height. So, your chair must have an adjustable seat height in order to accommodate all the differing heights of the people who will be using the chair.


The height should be adjusted such that the user looks directly at the monitor. The height can vary from 16 to 21 inches approximately off the ground.


  • Lumbar Support

Our lumbar is arched inwards naturally. Sitting in a chair for a long time without any support may cause slouching in the lower back and strain in the structures in the lumbar spine.


Therefore, a chair must be equipped with the ability to support our lumbar (and it should be adjustable too). Keep in mind if your lower back is properly supported, it will ensure that you can sit for an extended period of time without any discomfort.


  • Width and Depth of The Seat

Let me stress that the longer you sit in a chair, the more stressful the experience will be if the chair doesn’t have the proper width and depth that fits your physique. A computer chair ought to have enough width and depth to support any person comfortably.


  • Material

You wouldn’t deny that the material of the chair should be of a good quality. But, the quality of the chair that you might desire depends upon the need, purpose and length of usage of the chair.


If you use a computer for a longer period, a cloth seat may be more beneficial to you  than leather.


On the other hand, chairs made up of leather are easier to clean for messy eaters.


That said, you should determine the fabric that best suits your needs before buying a computer chair.


  • Adjustable Backrest

A chair usually has an attached seat and backrest or a separate seat and backrest. If the seat and backrest are a single unit, your chair must have the option of tilting forward or backwards depending on what you prefer. Additionally, it should also have a locking mechanism. If they are separate, backrest must be adjustable in height and angle.


  • Swivel

Swiveling is an indispensable function, as we often have the demand to discuss or chat with our colleagues and besides that it also allows us to move freely.


  • Price

It is nonsense if we don’t take the price of a computer chair into consideration. Because no matter how perfect a computer chair is, it has nothing to do with us if we can’t afford it. So, before you go out searching for your computer chair, it is prudent to select a acceptable range of price in advance.


  • Conclude

The above factors are listed with scientific reserches but you need to combine this factors with your own conditions. and if you don't want to trouble yourself to pick a computer chair from thousands of commercial products you can choose our computer chairs.







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