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September 27,2021

When it comes to task chair, most people will connect it with ergonomic office chair. Yes, with the development of ergonomics, there are numerous ergonomic chairs for sale. This kind of chair has indeed a lot of benefits which can provide a strong support for us. Besides that a correct sitting position is also important.


task chair


The benefits of task chairs


To boost productivity


Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can leave you nagging about back pain and a uncomfortable sitting position can affect your concentration and make your mind go weird. Ergonomic office chairs shape your body so you feel more relaxed and focused on the task at hand, not your uncomfortable chair.


Improve posture and back pain


Slouching at your desk for 8 hours a day can affect your posture and you'll soon form a hunched back like a dwarf. Sitting in a slouching position for long periods of time puts a lot of strain on the muscles and ligaments in your back, leading to severe back pain. Having a good office chair allows your body to fit into an ergonomic shape. Office chairs are designed to provide the necessary back support and can be adjusted to a variety of sizes and shapes.


Reducing health risks


Poor posture can interfere with the body's circulation and lead to blood clots. More seriously it could result in Varicose Veins which is mainly caused by sitting in one posture for a long time. And there is a small tips for workers: wearing compression socks could effectively prevent this situation. Investing in a good chair means reducing the pressure on the muscles when sitting down, allowing blood to flow through the body without any obstacles.


Practice to shape your position


The method is simpler and it won’t let you to do special operation to lumbar vertebra and pelvis alone. The following exercises may take you 10-15 minutes and you can do it in a quiet environment with a hard stool.


At first, you need to find your tailbone: move your upper body from side to side in a sitting position, pulling your hips one by one off the bench. When you have a single hip support, you can feel a sharp bone straining under your butt. That's the sensation of sitting and supporting your back


Sit on a bench and lean forward, allowing the hip muscles to stretch and allowing the sitting bones and tailbones to come off the bench and rest on your thighs for a while to support your weight.


Find your own natural sitting position: slowly lean your upper body back so that your sitting bones touch the surface of the bench and feel the weight on both sides of your sitting bones. Then slowly lean back and find the most stressed position on your sitting bones. That's basically the best upright position you can do now without any effort.


When you find this position, you can do some exercises like this to make the support feel more obvious.


  • Relax your shoulders so that when the weight of your shoulders falls, the pressure on your sitting bones will increase, giving you more support and reducing tension in your shoulders. 2) Relax your waist so that the weight of your pelvis and viscera will drop, increasing the pressure on your sitting bones, giving you more support and reducing tension in your lower back.


  • Do this for about 5 minutes or longer if you like, but it's essentially a relaxation exercise. Naturally, your breath will become more complete as well.

Once you're familiar with steps 1 or 2, try relaxing your shoulders and lower back, turning on a stool, left or right, or back, while feeling aware of your sciatic weight as you turn. With this exercise, slowly bring the awareness of your sciatic support weight into your daily sitting posture