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September 27,2021


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Have you seen amazing discovery? It found that people who sit for more than 6 hours a day have a 20% higher mortality rate than those who sit for only 3 hours a day. Sedentary people are very harmful. Colan Furniture, a wholesale bulk oem standing desk supplier, would like to share with you the following why is the standing desk popular?


I think you have known the harm aspects, so how to avoid them? I think the first step is understanding sedentary ways around you.


Sedentary way

In many workplaces, such as call center people, employees with codewords in front of office computers, etc., their just-doing behavior has the highest incidence.


Other sedentary ways outside of work include playing games on the sofa, transportation, watching TV, reading in bed, etc. It is recommended that you stay seated every time and do not stand for more than 20-30 minutes.


After knowing them, the most happend is in office, so a standing desk can help it.


Why standing desks are popular

Improve performance

When you stand you are actually much more certain and collaborative. Air flows much more simply to your head, boosting endorphins. Therefore when you need to have to finish a necessary phone call or wrap up a complicated discussion you will certainly be actually much more effective doing it from a standing position. Particular duties are actually carried out a lot faster when status: basic activities, such as going through your inbox or even'to perform' list could be done without extra efficiently when you shift your work desk to standing up method. Standing desk users also state strengthened creative thinking, collaboration as well as much better sleeping trends because of increased activity during the course of working hours.


Prevent back pain

Every time I go to the gym, I can see many middle-aged men stretching their back muscles to relieve low back pain. Times are different. Low back pain is no longer the privilege of blue-collar workers who work hard, but the dream of white-collar workers. Too little exercise in the back can also cause pain, which is mostly caused by sitting for a long time. Standing can strengthen your back muscles and improve posture.


Boost your metabolism

Standing urges movement as well as squirming. Each are necessary to turn on essential muscle teams, aid blood stream flow and preserve a healthy and balanced metabolic price, along with enhancing your calorie burn. In addition, crucial enzymes which move bad cholesterol out of your veins work so much more properly when you stand up.



Standing can help you improve concentration in many ways. First of all, you don’t feel drowsy, you just want to faint with your head on the table; your muscles are in a tight state, which is not as comfortable and comfortable as sitting, so you can stay alert. Secondly, you will be more energetic. When you stand, your legs can move around, even twisting everywhere without dead ends-as you move, as much as you want.


Increase blood circulation

Your blood stream circulation will definitely improve and blood pressure decrease, supplying advantages to your mind and body through helping keep you alert and also efficient. Shifting regularly in between a resting as well as standing up position will aid open your birth control also, bring about better, deeper breathing as well as increased air flow to your human brain and also other important body organs.


Standing can promote blood flow, so your brain can get more blood supply and bring you more whimsical ideas.

Moderate fatigue

Standing while working can keep you alert and at the same time give you a moderate sense of fatigue. Standing can easily satisfy this, let your body feel fatigued properly, and fall asleep contentedly.


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