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September 27,2021

Office chairs with mesh fabric padding and backrest become popular in recent years. It is easy to find that mesh fabric are more breathable than ordinary fabric which is especially obvious in hot summer days. Today we are going to talk about the differences between mesh fabric and thick sponge.


mesh chair




Chairs with mesh surface are more handsome and modern.

Chairs with Sponge padding give people a modesty impression.

So people focusing on the beauty are more likely to choose mesh one.




The air permeability of the net surface is good, and the sponge is sultry in summer.




Net surface is easy to manage, sponge is not easy to clean.(The net surface has a lot of different fiber material, sit up feeling will be different, specific depends on each family, (will certainly take this as a selling point to promote), the hand of the different chair friends more convenient contrast out of the difference)


Limited group


Mesh padding can sit casually, without too many restrictions, universality is relatively high.


Sponge padding is not suitable for fat people, especially humpty dumpty (no personal attacks), which may stand your fat leg larger.




Both of the two types are not easy to worn out unless you bought low quality chairs.


Besides that, correct posture is also important as no matter how expensive or high-tech chair can’t save your poor sitting habits. So forming a good sitting habit are more important than selecting a comfortable chair.


The left is wrong sitting position. Look at the above two arrows: the right arrow means the head lean forward, which is widely found in computer users. And this “standard error posture” will trigger excessive flexion of the 1,2 cervical vertebrae. The lower several cervical spine excessive extension, easy to appear the problem is shoulder and neck pain, brachial plexus nerve compression, finger numbness. The third arrow is internal rotation of the humerus and excessive flexion of the thoracic vertebrae, which can lead to problems such as poor breathing resulting in excessive involvement of the shoulder and neck muscles exacerbating neck problems or muscle tension resulting in back pain. The following arrows indicate changes in tension in the lumbar spine and knee joint. In general, this sitting position can cause a variety of neck and back pain problems, indirectly altering the stress on the knee mechanically and increasing the risk of knee injuries. In addition, the diaphragm's decline can lead to poor breathing, which causes the heart to oversupply oxygen, resulting in rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and high blood pressure. So forming a good sitting position is very important and everyone should maintain it.