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September 27,2021

Nowadays, many office white-collar workers would take a nap in the noon. Or it will be exhausted in the afternoon. Thus, many people prefer to prepare a lounge chair in the office. Then what should be pay attention to when choose a lounge chair? The following are some tips.


Tips on choosing lounge chair

There are 4 points need to be considered: portability, functionality, mute, design details.


lounge chair.png


The office space is limited, so before choosing to buy a recliner, we must first consider the artifact of small floor area and elegant lunch break. A stretchable, stowable, installation free, easy to fold recliner should be a blessing. In addition to this, with a portable lounge chair, you can take it to places you want to. For example, if you want to go out for a trip on the beach, and you want to take a lounge chair, just put it in the trunk of the car.



In fact, with the same price, more functions and more comfortable sleep, which would you choose? Of course, the one more functional. Otherwise, how can it be called cost-effective. This chair breaks the industry bottom line and has four functions. Four postures can be adjusted at will: sitting, half lying, lying flat, chair feet cocked up. This is very practical for patients with hyperactivity disorder.



Others will ask if the chair is noisy. Is there any sound when sitting / turning over? This is also one of the most concerned topics. The mute will not only influence others, but also keep yourself from sleeping well. So choosing a good chair depends not only on the value of the chair, but also on whether it is silent. Patented parachute pull rope design, double rope thickened elastic pull rope, which can quickly and automatically tighten the cloth surface after being used for many times, without deformation and collapse. The high-quality folding chair should not only be stable, but also understand your feelings, be quieter and healthier.


Design details

To describe a person, it is said that details determine success or failure. In fact, shopping is the same. Success or failure depends on small design details.


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