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September 27,2021

As the hotel consists of different areas, like reception room, dining room and bedroom, therefore, there are many things need to consider when choose a hotel sofa. What’s more, the hotel need to receive many guests everyday, different people have different taste, it is necessary to choose a hotel sofa to meet most peoples’ taste, otherwise, it may influence the hotel business.


How to choose a hotel sofa?

There are many types sofa for hotels. However, we should also choose according to our own needs. Blind choice will only make the overall layout of the hotel unreasonable. The following are some instructions for how to choose the hotel sofa.


The room structure

The variability of hotel sofa is considered according to the structure of the room. Its layout can be changed as needed to give people a sense of freshness. If you buy fabric foot therapy sofa, you can make one more sofa cover, which can be used in different seasons.


Vary from people to people

When buying a hotel sofa, we should consider durability and safety. The hotel sofa should not have sharp, hard and prominent edges and corners, and its color should also be bright, lively and lively. For the middle-aged and the elderly, the height of the hotel sofa should be moderate. If it is too low, it is inconvenient to sit down and get up; For young and middle-aged people, a lower backrest will feel more comfortable. According to different crowd sizes are different.



The purpose of coming to the hotel is to relax the body and spirit. We should relax and enjoy it. The seats of the hotel sofa should be comfortable, and the sitting surface and backrest should be curved surface suitable for the physiological structure of the human body. If the private room area is small, the hotel sofa without armrest is a good choice.


Size of the room

Small private rooms should use small and flexible Hotel sofas to make the remaining space of the room larger. It is more convenient and comfortable to put large hotel sofas and tea tables in the hall. If the room is small, you can choose the type of storage space under the hotel sofa seat board, which is convenient for taking and placing articles, and one thing can be used for multiple purposes.



Whether it is coordinated with the decoration style of the hall and other furniture. The fabric, pattern and color of hotel sofa often dominate the room style, so it is a wise move to buy hotel sofa first and then other furniture. Choose the color you like to match with your surroundings according to your needs and preferences.


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