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September 27,2021

Many oem height adjustable table manufacturers seem to have discovered this business opportunity-with the advent of the first height adjustable table, more and more table with height adjustable designs have appeared, and you can choose from different styles and styles. Why is such a table suitable for children? Find the answer from this article.


Inspiration for height adjustable table

This inspiration comes from France. Children use our adult’s normal table which is not high enough. It is inconvenient to prepare a heightened chair. Then if we choose the table according to the child’s height, it is not only that we use too short but also the child. Still growing taller at any time, it is not very convenient to choose such a table.


Why do children need such a table

Desks and chairs that match the height of the child can protect eyesight and prevent myopia. Inappropriate tables and chairs will have a great impact on sitting posture and visual distance, leading to diseases such as myopia and curvature of the spine.


Parents should pay attention to the problem of children's learning table

The home should be equipped with special desks and chairs for study, and cannot be replaced by dining tables, dining chairs or beds (this happens in many people's homes, including me, I was slightly humpbacked).


bulk height adjustable table


How to find the right height

For families with adjustable tables and chairs, according to the height of the child, according to the height range table of each model of desks and chairs for primary and middle school students, find the table height and seat height suitable for the child.


According to this principle: sitting on a chair, the thighs and calves should be vertical, the back should be straight, the upper arms should be drooping, and the elbows should be 3-4 cm below the table to correct the height of the desks and chairs.


Families without adjustable tables and chairs should also make adjustments based on the above principles. How to adjust? If the table is too high, use a taller chair as much as possible and put foot pads under your feet to keep your thighs and calves vertical. When the table or chair is too short, raise the table or chair.


How to reduce children's myopia risk through daylighting, desks and chairs in schools

Schools should be designed in accordance with the lighting and lighting standards of primary and secondary school classrooms, windows and lamps should be regularly wiped, classroom walls should be kept clean, and lighting fixtures should be scrubbed once a month.


At the same time, when the classroom adopts single-sided lighting, the light should enter from the left side of the student, and the window-to-ground area ratio should not be less than 1:5. When natural lighting fails to meet the illuminance requirements, lighting should be supplemented. Lamp tubes in the classroom should be arranged with the long axis perpendicular to the blackboard. At the same time, in order to control glare, naked lamps without lampshades should not be used. The hanging height of the lamp should not be less than 1.7 meters from the desktop.


The desks and chairs are set up, and the horizontal distance between the front of the front desk and the blackboard in front should not be less than 2.2 meters. The horizontal distance between the back edge of the last row of desks and the front blackboard should not be greater than 8 meters in primary schools and 9 meters in secondary schools. The classroom should not be too long.


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