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September 27,2021

A wholesale bulk oem height adjustable desk manufacturer, which may have been inspired by the telescopic pole, designed the table to be adjustable in height.


wholesale bulk oem height adjustable desk


Is a height adjustable desk worth it?

The liftable table is different from the traditional table in that it can be adjusted in height, and the appearance is more fashionable and beautiful than the traditional table. Generally speaking, the appearance of the liftable table is more delicate, the volume is also small, and it does not take up too much space. Moreover, the liftable table can also allow you to sit or stand to study and work, so that you will not keep your body in a long-term posture, and you will not feel tired. It can be said that the liftable table is a very good product.



School or home

The children's posture and vision problems are very obvious in the current study. Therefore, the school should choose to purchase tables and chairs that can be raised and lowered. After all, the heights of the children are different, although they are arranged in positions that are most conducive to their vision according to their heights. , But ignored their posture.


We recommend adjusting the height of the study table: After adjusting the height of the study chair, let the child sit upright, with the arms naturally vertical, and then raise the forearm so that the elbow is 90 degrees. At this time, add a fist from the horizontal line of the elbow, which is about 10 cm. This height is the height of the tabletop that needs to be adjusted.


Office workers need to sit in front of the computer for a long time to create value for the enterprise, but due to the height of the desk and chair, the cervical spine and vision problems are caused. Coupled with the lack of time and lack of exercise, this undoubtedly makes the hitters worse. While desk with height adjustable design can effectively reduce the harm of cervical spine and eyesight, enterprises should choose them. So how to choose them, below I provide you with purchase considerations.

Options for height adjustable desks

Nowadays, the liftable table is still a new thing, so its number is still relatively small in the market. Many people buy liftable tables through online channels. You must be cautious when purchasing a liftable table online, because it is difficult to perceive the texture of a liftable table just by looking at the picture.


Who can I trust

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If you are protecting your employees from cervical spine problems, a height adjustable desk is a very good investment. Only with good employees can the company be good. Use our adjustable desk to keep your staff's spine in healthy situation.