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September 27,2021

The desk is an important furniture for study and office. This article is mainly about office desks, especially the executive desk. Office desks can be divided into administrative desks and employee desks. What is the difference between the two?


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What is an executive desk

The executive desk is based on the principle of grandness and stability. Executive work desks are actually typically utilized in large workplaces along with enough space to spare. These big workdesks often have a dual pedestal style furnished along with report as well as box cabinets for casing workplace paperwork and also items. Manager workdesks are actually commonly made up of a single job area that is positioned in the center of the workplace, but manager L-desks and executive U-desks additionally exist for those who find themselves looking for even more room.

The executive desk sometimes has to receive foreign customers, so there are certain requirements for the style and style of the executive desk. The executive desk does not need to hold a lot of documents, only a few decorations and a table are needed on a large countertop. You can carry it in your hand, and the files can be placed in the back cabinet, but the administrative desk must be tasteful and able to express the company's image and culture, so you must consider many aspects in the selection.


What is a staff desk

The staff desk is concise and practical, and can accommodate documents as the principle.
Employee desks occupies most of the space in the office, and it is also the most convincing symbol of the company’s strength. A powerful company will definitely consider the style, material and background of furniture factory when choosing employee desks. 


Focus on the executive desk

Executive desks, such as painted desks, panel desks, solid wood desks, etc. Different types of desks have different shapes. Painted desks are more generous and have a more graceful effect. Desks like this generally match higher-ranking executives and can better demonstrate their ability and identity.


The board desk will be more distinctive for the processing of some small details in the shape, which can play a role in lifting and lowering. The height of the desk can be specified according to actual needs. A desk like this is also a very good choice, but this kind of office Tables vary in length and shape. When choosing a board desk, it depends on the actual size of the work space. The higher the position, the more unique desk can be selected, so as to better show the administrative staff's ability and degree of attention. Solid wood desks are currently a type of desks with relatively high firmness and high sanitation, which are suitable for use in every administrative office space.


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