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September 27,2021

There are so many articles talking about how to choose a comfortable computer chair but seldom people notice that incorrect sitting position will damage your body no matter how expensive chairs you have. So today we are going to talk about the bad influence of bad posture and how to shape a correct position.


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 Why does sitting for a long time make you tired?


Breathing will drive a lot of muscles to participate in activities, so when breathing the whole trunk will appear dynamic changes. The maintenance of sitting position is essentially the dynamic stability of the trunk with the temper of breathing, not staying in a single posture. Sometimes we deliberate tightening our body parts to maintain the sitting position, and it will make us tired. On the other hand, if you choose to be a rigid on a standard posture, then you need to against the physical dynamic changes all the time which makes you tired. From this point you need to understand that natural postural maintenance actually depends on breathing. The truth that children who can only sit up but cannot stand with poorly developed erector muscles do not need to be taught how to sit could prove it.



Moving on from breathing supporting sitting, we can look back and see that our breathing is constantly changing depending on our environment and mood when we are focusing on our daily work. Because people usually spontaneous focus area in the outside world rather than the inside world, so you will be always careless in your breathing. Such sitting position of nature would be  broken easily, then instinctively by compensatory body to maintain balance, that is what we usually fall into the old repeatedly action pattern, repeated muscle imbalance, Feeling tense and tired from time to time.



In conclusion, in order to improve this in the long run, do not practice breathing on a daily basis. Once you fall into the repetitive state of conscious control, you will also isolate yourself from the present environment. We need to learn to sit this position on the mechanics of basic characteristics, and give the body a environment, let it be able to make accord with mechanical posture, physical action complies with the law, its breath will be more smoothly, naturally when breathing more smoothly strong also promoted movement or posture, in turn, is to maintain the mechanical efficiency, make it much easier to maintain.


Beside shaping a good sitting habit, investing a computer chair with high quality for long working time is also critical.