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September 27,2021

Ottoman, now commonly known as "pedal", was called "foot bed" in ancient times. It is a small furniture placed in front of the seat in ancient China to support both feet. Next, I'll introduce some information about ottoman to you.




In fact, the ottoman is not exactly a place for feet. It can also replace the role of the tea table to a certain extent. For example, if you put a tray on the ottoman, you can put the tea cup on it stably; Put some home decorations that show the owner's taste to attract the guests' attention; Put a few magazines in your hand, read them freely in your spare time, etc.


The differences between pouf and ottoman


These two terms are usually synonymous, but technically refer to two different types of living room furniture. The differences may be small, but understanding these differences can facilitate future furniture shopping tasks and even prevent the chaos of online furniture shopping. (Returning furniture ordered online is not always as easy as we hope.)


In terms of function, the pouf is very similar to the ottoman. Both are variants of low stools and can be used as footrests. It may be more modern for additional seats or side tables, but both can also be used for these purposes (especially in small rooms requiring a variety of furniture). Many ottomans can also be used as hidden storage rooms. There is a cavity for sorting blankets, games, books, etc., while poufs usually have no storage space.


In terms of appearance, they are different. Ottomans are almost always stronger and some poufs are more like oversized cushions. Some ottomans lift their legs easily, although most poufs lie flat on the floor. Larger ottomans can easily be used as coffee tables, but most poufs are too small. A good rule of thumb is to name everything that looks more like a pillow than a table, a pouf, or any stool more like an ottoman.




How to choose ottoman


1. For small houses, the combined sofa is particularly practical. The ottoman can not only become a part of the sofa, but also be used independently as a tea table.


2. If an ottoman is not big enough, choose several to put together. When it is not used as a tea table, it can be put away or used as a single ottoman. When there are many guests, ensure that everyone has comfortable chairs to sit on.


3. Square ottoman and chair are more suitable for families with square living room. The area is wider and can hold more things. In addition, each angle can rest your feet.


4. Put one ottoman in the two single sofas, and put on the tea set, you can have a casual afternoon tea. Moving one of the sofas can become a comfortable personal space.


5. The ottoman with lower height makes it more convenient and comfortable to put your feet. Put high decorations on it, which will not affect the line of sight.


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