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September 27,2021

As an office worker struggling in the front line of the city, it has become normal to sit in front of the computer for more than 12 hours a day. Long hours of office sitting is not only easy to make the waist and legs fat, but also may cause damage to the waist, shoulder, back and other parts, which is what we often call sub-health.


Although most office chairs are comfortable and not easy to get tired as the standard, it is still far from enough. An excellent office chair not only allows us to improve work efficiency, but also effectively alleviates the harm caused by long sitting. Including protection of the spine and lumbar spine, prevention of "work injuries" such as frozen shoulder and herniated disc.


From the current point of view, the most comfortable, scientific and best sitting office chair on the market is the ergonomic office chair. Let's share some knowledge about the ergonomic office chairs!


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What is an ergonomic office chair?


The ergonomic office chair is derived from the office chair. The ordinary office chair only satisfies the basic sitting posture. The ergonomic office chair satisfies people's comfortable sitting and lying. It is a qualitative leap in the history of the seat development.


How to choose an ergonomic office chair?


When choosing the ergonomic office chair, many people will first look at the price, feeling that the more expensive, the better. Secondly, people will try to sit and feel the comfort of the seat. However, some chairs are okay just to sit for a few minutes, but you will find uncomfortable after sitting for a few more hours. So just starting from these two aspects is still a bit reluctant.


Next, let’s take a look at the points that need to be paid attention to when choosing an ergonomic office chair! In addition to the basic content of price and comfort, the following points should also be paid attention to when purchasing.


wholesale bulk oem ergonomic office chair supplier,manufacturers,factory,exporter,for sale




Common chairs on the market have a long service life, but because they have to sit for several hours a day, the cushion will bear pressure for a long time. If the cushion is deformed, it will also cause incorrect sitting posture and increase the burden on the waist. Most of the pressure on the human body when sitting is concentrated on the hips. In order to reduce the pressure on the hip nerves and blood vessels when compressed, the front end of a good cushion is generally waterfall-shaped. The cushion is usually divided into a sponge cushion and a mesh cushion. Of course, both have their own advantages.


Chair back


The chair back can be said to be the soul of the ergonomic office chair. This is also the most important difference from the ordinary office chair. The material used, the fit with the human spine, and the tilt adjustment method are all key to the chair back. On the one hand, a good chair back fits the human spine, evenly disperses the body's weight, and eliminates pressure points and heat accumulation. On the other hand, the reclining of the seat back can be adjusted. Because people have different body weights and statures, the required reclining strength of the seat back is actually different. The reclining adjustment is generally divided into manual fine adjustment and automatic strength adjustment.


Lumbar support


Most ergonomic office chairs come with a lumbar support, which is divided into adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable lumbar supports are divided into up and down adjustment, left and right adjustment, strength adjustment or asymmetric strength adjustment. When choosing a lumbar support, it is best to choose an elastic and adjustable lumbar support. Such a lumbar support can provide us with a perfect support for the lumbar spine whether we are writing at the desk or in a relaxed state.




Whether the armrest is connected to the back of the chair is related to the overall comfort of the ergonomic office chair. Only when connected together, the armrest can maintain the same angle with the back of the human body when leaning back, so that the arm can obtain comfortable support. For people who often type, the structural design of the armrest is necessary. Most engineering chairs now provide armrest adjustment functions.




The function of the headrest is to support the head when we lean back at rest. Whether the headrest is adjustable is mainly determined according to individual needs, usually divided into adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable headrests can adjust the height, angle, front and rear of the headrest, and can meet the needs of different people and individuals in different working states. Of course, many ergonomic chairs do not have a headrest, because they are basically not used when working in a normal sitting position. Therefore, the headrest is not a key factor for the ergonomic chair.


wholesale bulk oem ergonomic office chair supplier,manufacturers,factory,exporter,for sale


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