Importance of Armrests of Office Chairs

December 02,2022

When purchasing office chairs, we will pay attention to whether the cushion material, soft or hard, backrest design conforms to ergonomics, and whether it can protect the human spine. But an important seat part is often ignored by us - the armrest. Whether the armrest design is scientific or not has a great impact on the comfort of the seat.


meeting chair.png


Whether it can be lifted


People are tall and short. If the armrests of the office chair are fixed, when you are tired, you will find that your arms may be in a dilemma because the armrests are too high or too low. A high-quality armrest should be able to adjust the lift flexibly according to the needs.


Whether it can be adjusted from left to right


It is not uncommon for the armrests of office chairs to be able to rise and fall, but the functional design of the armrests that can be horizontally adjusted on the left and right sides is often ignored. Especially for overweight employees, the fixed width of the handrail makes their bodies confined, which is very inconvenient to rotate.


The armrest is connected to the seat or back


The armrest of the office chair is connected and fixed to the back of the chair. This design is very humanized. The armrest connected to the backrest will adjust its angle backward with the person's body leaning back. Of course, this design can mainly improve the comfort level of employees who take a break.

However, most of the armrests are still connected to the seat, because this can increase the stability of the armrests. From the appearance, this design is also beautiful.




High-quality office chairs not only depend on the quality and structure but also on details that can reflect human care.