How to Choose a Bar Chair to Sit on? Size and Cushion are Key

December 01,2022

Many friends like to set up a Nakajima bar at home, which can not only extend the cooking table but also increase communication and interaction between families. However, the indispensable bar chair is often overlooked, and there are many details to pay attention to in the selection.




The size and height of the bar chair should conform to ergonomics


Generally speaking, the bar chair will be higher than the dining chair, and it needs to be selected according to the height of the countertop of Nakajima. The height of the middle island is usually 90~95cm, so it is suitable to choose a bar chair with a seating height of 65cm, that is, the distance between the "seat height" and the "tabletop" will be about 25~35cm, which conforms to the ergonomic configuration and will be more comfortable to sit up.


Select the cushion style according to the habit to maintain the comfortable feeling of sitting for a long time


When sitting in a chair, the most intuitive feeling is whether the cushion is comfortable or not. Therefore, the foam is soft and hard, and the seat curvature and radian that can fit the body shape will be more suitable for sitting for a long time. The cushion generally has no back, low back, high back, and other styles. The backless bar chair is light and neat, and will not block the line of sight. The low backrest has added local support coverage. The high-back style is the most comfortable and burden free.


Reduce the discomfort of feet in the air, and the pedal design cannot be ignored


As the bar chair is higher than the general chair, it usually has a pedal design. When sitting, let your feet naturally fall on the chair frame to avoid your feet hanging in the air. The distance between your feet and the seat surface should be 38 to 42 cm. If it is more than 45 cm, it is not suitable for people of average height.


According to the space style, select the appropriate material for the bar chair


In addition to considering the size, it is also important whether the shape and material of the bar chair can be matched with the space style! In terms of metal materials, the structural strength is high, light, and neat, with a sense of lines. But the visual and tactile feelings are relatively cold. The solid wood material can increase the warmth of the space, but the structure is thicker, the volume is larger, and the bearing capacity is higher. As for plastic, it is both waterproof and antifouling, suitable for outdoor, indoor, and other environments.