How Long Is the Use of Office Desks and Chairs

September 02,2022

Office desks and chairs can be said to be one of the indispensable items in every business. Whether it is a desk or office chair it has its own use life. And according to the provisions of the relevant departments, the use of office furniture for 5 years. Therefore, the use of office furniture is also 5 years. But the details of the content let us come together to understand it!


Office Desks and Chairs


The use of office desks and chairs years


  1. At present, there are many types of office furniture on the market. These include solid wood, leather, board and so on. Office desks and chairs of different types of prices are not uniform. The quality is also different. And the user's different its maintenance operation methods will lead to its use failure. Thus affecting the service life of office furniture.


  1. Different materials office furniture have different life cycles. Usually, office furniture can be used for 5 or 10 years without problems. The key lies in how the user to office furniture for maintenance.


  1. The service life of office furniture and many factors related to, for example, daily use, maintenance methods, etc. Solid wood tables and chairs should be careful not to often contact with water and wax. While the wood panel type should pay attention to regular cleaning of the table.


  1. In different areas, the placement of office chairs is also different. For example, office seating is usually more common. While conference rooms and companies run by executives are more upscale. As a result, the desks and chairs used by employees are frequently and rapidly worn. So naturally, they need to be replaced regularly.




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