How Can Office Furniture Reduce Noise?

November 02,2022

An office is a brainstorming place, so sound insulation is required in the office decoration design to reduce noise. As a part of office decoration, how to properly use office furniture to reduce noise?




Choose fabric or wood furniture


Fabric furniture, its sound absorption effect is very obvious, such as curtains, sofas, chairs, carpets and so on. The sound insulation effect of curtains is the most obvious, which is one of the reasons why many offices hang curtains. In addition to isolating light, it can also play a very big role in isolating noise.


Wooden office furniture, such as office desks, tea tables, conference tables, etc., can be made of wood fiberboard. This is because the fiber porosity of wooden furniture enables it to absorb noise. For example, many office door panels usually use wood doors, which, in addition to the performance of wood, is also associated with the core filler of wood doors. For example, the sound insulation effect of solid wood is much better than that of honeycomb paper.


Choose soundproof glass as partition


Sound insulation glass is a kind of glass product that plays a certain role in shielding sound. It is usually laminated glass with double or multi-layer composite structure, and the sound insulation damping adhesive (film) in the middle plays a key role in the weakening and attenuation of sound transmission. Its soundproof glass products include laminated glass. High partitions made of soundproof glass can better provide quiet office space.




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