Home Furnishings - Single Sofa

November 02,2022

The sofa is furniture that every family will choose. Because of the number of people in the family, the size of the sofa will generally choose a double or triple sofa. But now the single sofa is becoming more and more popular. So, what's the benefit of it? What is the effect of placing single sofas in different spaces?




Advantages of placing a single sofa


  1. Free randomness


If it is a two-person or three-person sofa, if there is someone beside it, it will bring psychological constraints and affect the sitting posture involuntarily.


On the contrary, the armchair will not. The armchair is similar to an island outside the mainland, and psychological relaxation will make people more casual.


  1. Good comfort experience


A multi-person sofa needs to consider the feeling experience of multiple people sitting at the same time, and can only achieve an average degree of comfort; In terms of structural design, the single sofa tends to be ergonomic, "how comfortable, how to come". Therefore, the experience and enjoyment of the single sofa will be better, such as the lazy sofa and the armrest fitting design.


How to match the single sofas in different spaces?


Generally, if the family members are two or three people, the living room will choose the form of "3+1". Usually, you can lie on the sofa and enjoy it; When guests arrive home, the host can take care of the guests by sitting on a single sofa.


If the area of the bedroom at home allows, a single sofa can be placed at the end of the bed or on one side of the bed, which can make the space appear fuller.


If reading is the main purpose of the study in ordinary times, you can put a single sofa on it. After all, reading is a matter of freeing your mind, you don't need to be seated to destroy your solitude.


The balcony is usually the sunniest place in the home. Even friends who don't like to grow flowers will put some green plants on the balcony. Then a small tea table and single sofas will also become a perfect place to rest.