Common Sense of Daily Maintenance of Office Chair

October 09,2022

Generally, the main accessories of the office chair, including the cushion, armrest, base, and chair legs, need to be maintained. However, the maintenance methods are different due to the different materials used.




Maintenance methods of office chair


  1. Cloth surface: When it is stained with dry dirt such as dust and sand, just pat it gently or use a vacuum cleaner to absorb it. As for granulated sand, brush it inwards with a brush. But do not use a hard brush to avoid damaging the cloth surface. If you touch drinks, fruit juice, etc., you can first use a hand towel to absorb water, then use warm water to dissolve neutral detergent to wipe, and finally use a clean soft cloth to dry.


  1. Leather maintenance is usually done by gently wiping with a clean and soft cloth. If the dirt is generated for a long time, the best way to clean it is to use a neutral detergent diluted with warm water first. Then use a wrung clean water rag to remove the detergent, and finally use a dry cloth to polish it. After it is completely dry, use an appropriate amount of leather maintenance agent to wipe it evenly.


  1. For the maintenance of metal accessories, it is better to regularly scrub them with oilcloth and soft detergent. If rust spots appear, they should be repaired and painted in time. The use of wet rags should be avoided when wiping the surface.


  1. Because the casters roll on the ground, the axle is easy to get wool and fiber after a long time. At this time, it needs to be handled regularly. If you don't want to be so troublesome, you can also buy a seat cushion for yourself to prevent the chair feet from adhering to the wool and protect the floor.


  1. If there is any abnormal sound in the chassis tilting, spray the axis contact and spring with lubricating fluid. Generally, adjust the tilt to the tightness that is suitable for your body type. Don't be too loose to cause the danger of tipping.
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