Application of Universal Wheel in Office Furniture Industry

September 19,2022

The universal wheel is widely used in the office furniture industry. Its flexibility brings convenience and improves the efficiency of use.


The new generation of desks, office cabinets and chairs are equipped with different types of universal wheels, and add lifting devices to meet the functions of office furniture. The office furniture is more flexible and adjustable in height and the office staff can move easily and fold according to the requirements of the position. It not only facilitates the layout of the office, but also saves space.




The use of the universal wheel can pay attention to the following points


  1. The universal casters are braking without any thrust.
  2. Do not put it on a slope with the brakes on.
  3. Make sure that the brake is removed after the brake is released.
  4. Please do not operate the control lever of the caster brake when walking.
  5. Fully depress the brake lever with your foot.
  6. Please avoid over-braking the control device.


In addition to the use of office furniture, the universal wheel also has many applications for heavy-duty universal joints on some large equipment. On heavy-duty casters, the beadboard is usually double-layered steel ball tracks, stamped and heat treated.


For heavy-duty swivel casters, ball bearings or flat needle roller bearings typically use more force. Support bearings effectively improve the bearing capacity of heavy-duty casters. For the special impact-resistant heavy-duty swivel wheel, the turntable is made of die-forged steel and precision machining, which effectively avoids the welding of the connecting plate bolts and improves the impact strength of the swivel wheel.




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