4 Dos and Don'ts When Purchasing Sofa

August 18,2022

The sofa, the soul of the living room, is the second bed in the house. Meanwhile, it is the second most sought after touch and comfort.




Choose the split type, not one-piece


One-piece sofa without gaps, not easy to hide dirt, a strong sense of the whole. But the block of the one-piece sofa is too large, it is difficult to install.


No way to transport through the elevator, which can only be lifted with a crane, the latter take the stairs to rely on people to move, but both are time-consuming, laborious and costly.


So the average person is still recommended to choose a split one is more convenient. Although there are gaps that exist, but will not affect daily use.


Choose a high-density sponge, not a low-density sponge


Low-density sponge sofa, it will not take long to start collapsing deformation. And it is not comfortable to sit.


Therefore, it is recommended to buy a high-density sponge sofa. One molding 45D or more is better, soft and hard, and not easy to collapse.


The way to determine whether the high-density foam sofa is: to squeeze it with your hand, and feel the speed of rebound. If it is a high-density sponge, the rebound will be very fast. And if it is a low-density sponge, the rebound will be very weak.


Choose solid wood, metal frame, not board wood frame


The frame of the sofa is related to the entire sofa load-bearing and service life.


Its frames are common solid wood, metal, and Sakaki three. Among them, the board wood frame is generally poor grip, easy to deform uncomfortably, and even rattling. And it is also not environmentally friendly, so it is not recommended to choose.


While the solid wood and metal structure are stable, strong, and durable.


Choose dark color, not light color


Whether it is leather or cloth, it is not recommended to choose a light-colored sofa. Although the latter looks good, basically half a month will be dirty. This is not suitable for long-term residential use. If there are pets or children at home, it will be a mess.


It is recommended to choose a slightly darker shade of caramel, gray, blue sofa, good-looking at the same time, okay to take care of.




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